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Wondering what to gift your kid's teacher this new year?

Happy New Year Guys,

Hope you’ve been able to set goals for this year and begun making plans towards fulfilling them?

Traffic is still light in town and it’s obvious school has not begun. Most schools resume next week 9th of January and if you’re like me, you weren’t able to gift your kids’ teachers as the Sallah holiday came in quickly.

Now the holidays are over and as we say over here: ‘eye don clear’. This means we’ve likely overspent, overeaten and may not be able to give the gifts we desire. Worse is the economy which leaves no room for expenses outside school fees and the likes. So what can you gift your kid’s school teachers? This home-made Christmas hamper is the best.

You need:

  1. A small basket (re-use from hampers given to you).

If you can’t get a small basket, use a small bowl, bin or gift bag

Another option is to wrap a small carton to look like a gift box

  1. A jarful of a Christmas snack(cake or chin chin)-This always fills a gap in any house. For peckish moments or for serving their own visitors
  2. A bottle of non-alcoholic wine or juice(that cute bottle of Ceres juice works just fine)
  3. A nice “useful” item- I believe every hamper must contain an item that is non-perishable. It makes it feel very worthwhile and thoughtful. Such items can be a pen, a notepad, a simple kitchen accessory, or a small journal for the year. If you have your company promotional items, add one or two.

Wrap these items up with a nice sheet and an address card and it will be appreciated by any teacher.


Need any help? We are here to assist. Need another gift for your kid’s teacher? Find teacher gifts here

  • Jan 09, 2017
  • Category: News
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