Our Story…

When Lami Attah saw that there was an opportunity for ecommerce in Nigeria, she decided to create ecommerce with even more value. She created a gift shopping, customization and delivery destination called Eventions Nigeria.
Eventions simplifies the whole process of gift giving using ecommerce technologies by providing a platform where Nigerians and in future, Africans can buy gifts, customize them and send to their loved ones-all in one place.

Eventions Gifts

The Problem?
• Gifting is one of the few things common to every man from every race, religion, culture or personality. People love to receive gifts and the process of gift giving creates memories that are not easily erased from the memory. However, today, life’s pressures and difficulties have made gift giving a culture that is easily fading. People have difficulty finding the right time, the right gift and many times even getting gifts across. Many Nigerians in diaspora are constantly looking for ways to send gifts to their loved ones even when they are absent.

Our Solution
• Create a unified platform where people from any location can access a variety of gift ideas and purchase them, customize them and send them to their loved ones without leaving their homes or offices. The platform will also allow people who produce or retail products can get their products out to the public.
• Our site provides the ease where people can shop at any price, from anywhere and get it delivered to anywhere in Nigeria

Why should you shop from eventions.ng?
• We take time to curate special items from all around the world such that every item is truly gift-worthy
• We support local talent and content. We stock products from Nigerian producers and designers and our artwork truly represents our heritage.
• We don’t just sell to our customers, we ensure their experience is rich by providing a system which they can enter taxonomies about the recipient and get suggestions on gift ideas.

What we bring to the table
• Great Gifts at Great Prices

• Fast Lead Time

• Excellent Production Quality

• Best Prices

• Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to ensure customer delight

We can be contacted at gifts@eventions.ng